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COC Noord-Holland Noord

What is Cocktail?

Cocktail is a buddy project from COC Noord-Holland Noord for LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex) asylum seekers and refugees

LGBTIs are being discriminated against and threatened in large parts of the world. In some countries they are imprisoned or even sentenced to death. Often fleeing is the only option. They must leave family and friends behind for an uncertain future in a strange country. In addition, the sexual orientation of LGBTI refugees is often not accepted or tolerated by their newcomers, just like in their country of origin. This can lead to severe forms of threat, isolation, feelings of anxiety, depression or worse.

Cocktail wants to help reduce the isolation that LGBTI newcomers might feel in their community and introduce them into the Dutch society in a safe way. Next to that, Cocktail wants to help improve the social climate for/and the safety of LGBTI newcomers and migrants in the Netherlands.

Do you want to support Cocktail as a volunteer or do you have further suggestions and ideas? Are you a refugee or asylum seeker and you need a buddy? Let us know by sending an email to


COC Noord-Holland Noord