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COC Midden-Gelderland

Cocktail is a social support program of COC Midden-Gelderland for

LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex) refugees and asylum seekers.

We attend AZC’s Arnhem (Groningensingel and Elderhofseweg), AZC’s Wageningen (Keijenbergseweg and Bosrandweg) and we also attend AZC Winterswijk.


LGBTI’s are being discriminated and threatened in large parts of the world. In some countries they are imprisoned or even sentenced to death. Often fleeing is the only option. They have to leave family and friends behind for an uncertain future in a strange country. In addition,

the sexual orientation of LGBTI refugees is often not accepted or tolerated by their fellow newcomers in AZC’s, just like in their country of origin. This can lead to severe forms of threat, isolation, feelings of anxiety, depression or worse.


Cocktail wants to help reduce the isolation that LGBTI newcomers might feel and introduce them into the Dutch society in a safe way.


Buddy support

Cocktail can offer individual social support for LGBTI newcomers, by matching them with a buddy which is a Cocktail volunteer from our community.

Together they can take up activities like: meeting up, drinking a coffee, have walk in the city or park, visiting lgbti group meetings.



Social activities

By organising meetings and activities Cocktail wants to create a social network where people can be themselves and feel accepted. This is hopefully a pleasant way of integrating into Dutch (LGBTI) society.


LBTI Ladies Refugees Hangout

Every Saturday afternoon from 14:30 until 17:00 there is a meet up for lbti refugee women only,

providing a safe space for this more vulnerable group in our café De Roze Bunker.

Options for a coffee, tea, a (serious) talk, a game, have fun, information p.e. about living in The Netherlands, be there for our lbt-sisters in a relaxed environment.

Feel safe and free to come and to discuss what activities you would like to do.

We have a whatsapp group, which you can join.


Regional group events

4 times a year, we organise for LGBTI refugees living in Gelderland and Overijssel province, in cooperation with Cocktail COC Deventer, Cocktail COC Regio Nijmegen, Connected COC Zwolle, COC Twente-Achterhoek, and several regional GGDs (Municipal Health Service), Dinner Parties with Karaoke, Dance and option for Hepatitis B vaccination and info on STI tests.


Please note: COC does not offer legal, medical, mental or financial help.

If more help is needed, we will refer to professional organisations.


For more info, please contact:


COC Midden-Gelderland
St. Catharinaplaats 10
6811 BS Arnhem

Tel: 026-4423161