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COC Amsterdam e.o.

Cocktail Quiz Night


[NOTE: To participate in our May Event make sure to sign up with our form linked down-below]

COC Amsterdam is organizing a Cocktail Quiz Night.

When: May 15 20:00 (be on time!)
What: Cocktail Quiz Night: Music!
Where: on your screen (Laptop or Smart Phone)

Do you feel the same way as us? Do you need a break from Miss Rona or quarantine? Don’t you worry! Our event for May will be happening online via a Zoom meeting.

We thought that our last Zoom event was a pretty successful! The same atmosphere and group spirit of our usual events was projected right onto our screens. We even had a glorious winner.

For this event, it’s all about MUSIC. Because ‘’Music Makes the People’’ as the Queen of Pop would say. Join us for another quiz which will be filled with 3 different categories: Music, Dutch culture and LGBTIA+ related questions. The main focus will be on music.

Make sure to be on time and to have a pen & paper at hand. We rely on your honesty for truthful scoring of the questions.

Looking forward to seeing you! XX

Cocktail Team

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Cocktail Quiz Night

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